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...while I'm in lockdown

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Are you like Mary?

Tired to toss and turn in your bed, you wake up at 4 am ... then press "PLAY" on the TV to watch the last breaking news about Coronavirus. 

Maybe you're in a country where lockdown is full on & you're worried for your job, your significant others, your family, and your whole community.

You're wondering how to handle anxiety level when it's 11/10. 

You try to stay calm but it's so hard. 

You feel overwhelmed and you like to be productive but you don't know what to do. 

You're at my wit's end. tired, stressed, & frustrated. 

Truth is, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! 

How to keep up a happy family life when:

- times is so uncertain, 

- you face daily challenges,

- you seek for certainty, calm, and "back to normal"

Wouldn't it be cool if?

Your can bring calm, confidence, & courage to support your family life.
It doesn't have to be that hard

  • You feel calmer because you have tailored routines made to face challenging times

  • You believe you're enough & capable to get out of debt/ maintain your budget/ or save money for holidays because you know how to turn your comfort zone into rock solid confidence

  • enjoy Me Time alone in your own nook so that you can recharge & be present for your family

  • feel more confident about what's coming because you know the ropes to create your own cosiness & how to turn it into confidence

All you need is creating a Real-Life Comfort Zone

(aka putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others)

so that you experience more calm, can be unapologetically confident to face up uncertain time

Your investment is only $177 for the whole bundle

What Jane's saying about 30-Day Hygge

"I went from a messy room to a cosy room"

I'm still a Mom. I still love my kids but, now, I have ALSO a place where I can fully be "ME".
I feel more calm & restful.

Jane (fictional name to protect privacy)

"It wasn't that complicated to put everything together"

..but I would have wasted months doing it by myself.
Ophelie's system & support have saved me so much time & money.

Jane (fictional name to protect privacy)

Hi, I'm Ophelie

Founder of The Hygge Planner

Ophelie B.

Creator of 30-Day Hygge

I've seen so many friends pushing themselves way too far so they could stick to the last trends, workout "just 3 more hours", please everyone around, or be present for their friends 24/7.

... to the point they crashed & burnt out for months.

They were exhausted period.

It was so heart-breaking to watch them making those common mistakes & now, I'm ready to put an end to the myth around getting out of your comfort zone to thrive.

Truth is, it's when I intentionally started to rely on my comfort zone that I've been able to be calm, confident, & capable to shine strong in my daily life.

Inside 30-Day Hygge

Get a sneak peek of what you'll get when you enroll

Welcome in 30-Day Hygge 

In this onboarding module, you'll get all your questions answered (from who I am to how to connect with me)

+ you'll learn how to use Thinkific so you get the most out of the course. 

Your Resources (value $97)

No need to open every lesson to find the workbook to print... like in many courses. 

Everything is gathered in ONE place so you always get what you need at your finger tips. 

+ I included printing tips so you'll never struggle with your at-home printer (like I regularly do).

Step 1: Hygge 101 (value $297)

In this module, you'll know why Denmark ranks in the top 3 of the happiest country in the world.

+ How you can turn a 19th century tradition into a mindful/ everyday practice that makes people comfy & homey (despite taxes & bad weather) 

Finally, you'll get a complete makeover about what Comfort Zone is... 

You'll see how to go from cosiness to comfort zone using ONLY the Danish tradition of Hygge + how you can start cultivating yours peacefully.

Step 2: The Internal Comfort Zone (value $497) -> How To Begin & Stick To Your Daily Routine When You're Stressed

This is one of my favourite! 

You'll be guiding to create custom routines (whether it's a morning and/ or an evening one). 

But there's a catch, it's not a cookie cutter routine: it's a personalized, easy to follow routine that will sustain you whether you have 5 min or 30 min to spend. 

It's not about something you hate because it's trendy. 

It's about setting yourself in the comfy mood so you KNOW you'll be fine (by sticking to your Happiness definition)

BONUS: Get my exclusive Happy Wheel© so you can create your routine on the go

Step 3: The External Comfort Zone (value $497) --> The DIY Method For Beginners To Create A Nook At Home

At the end of this module, you'll be able to plan, design, craft, gather, and organize your very special Hygge Nook where you'll be able to rest and recharge when you go back home. 

Using the tips you now know, you may even go wide and expand your Nook into a living room revamp on a budget. 

Hygge is a feeling, you can't buy it but you can learn how to create it, enjoying its simple principle without maxing out your credit cards. 

Time to say goodbye ($97)

At the end of this module, you'll get a full wrap up of 30-Day Hygge

You'll receive a personalized Certificate of Completion for your dedication & commitment to cultivate joy & happiness in your family life.

Your Investment

because, more than ever before, you deserve cosiness & comfort in your life

30-Day Hygge Curriculum

Check ALL the lessons included as soon as you enroll

30-Day Hygge is available on mobile device, tablets, and laptop.

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    Your Resources

    • 7 tips to enjoy your online course

    • 30-Day Hygge Content Tracker

    • 30-Day Hygge Workbook

    • The Happiness Formula Workbook

    • The Happy Wheel

    • The Internal Comfort Zone Flow

  • 3

    Step 0: The Happiness Formula

    • The Happiness Formula Intro

    • Day 1: Wouldn't it be cool if?

    • Day 2: Everything starts with confidence

    • Day 3: Then time comes into play

    • Day 4: Finally, you know the drill

    • Day 5: It's Quiz Time! 🥳

  • 4

    Step 1: Hygge 101

    • Day 7: Welcome in Denmark

    • Day 8: Trigger family happiness with a 19th century tradition

    • Day 9: Definition of Hygge

    • Day 10: Why you should have a Comfort Zone

    • Day 11: It's Quiz Time! 🥳

    • Day 12: Time to rest

  • 5

    Step 2: The Internal Comfort Zone

    • Day 13: Reframe your mindset in a snap

    • Day 14: Time to close

    • Day 15: That ONE rule changes everything

    • Day 16: The Hygge trifecta

    • Day 17: Mix & Match

    • Day 18: The Happy Wheel©

    • Day 19: Five tips to stick with your new routines

    • Day 20: It's Quiz Time! 🥳

    • Day 21: Time to rest

  • 6

    Step 3: The External Comfort Zone

    • Day 22: What's in it?

    • Day 23: Get in the mood...board

    • Day 24: Create yours on a budget

    • Day 25: Keep it inviting & minimal

    • Day 26: 6 tips I use at home

    • Day 27: It's Quiz Time! 🥳

  • 7

    Time To Say Goodbye

    • Day 29: Wrap Up

    • Day 30: What's next?

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You'll love our Bonuses

Check what we're adding so you:

- stay on track,

-get results quicker,

- & enjoy your course without a shadow of a doubt

  • 🎁 Lifetime access to the course + all the upcoming updates

    $997 value

    --> even if we double the curriculum, you'll stay up to date for FREE.

  • 🤔 Q & A session at the end of each lesson

    $497 value

    --> Ask me anything in the discussion tab and I'll be answering personally

🎐 Keep The Party Going With

🌳 When the 12 spots are filled, I'll pick up TWO lucky WINNERS.

-->  Each of them will get 100 trees planted on his/ her behalf. You'll actively contribute to re-forest our planet.(Value 100$)

Your Investment

Do yourself and your family a favour, craft your real life comfort zone

What if... can tame mental struggles and:

  • Find Calm

    even in the most challenging moments

  • Build Up Confidence

    & get it ready for your next adventures

  • Stack Up Wins

    so you alleviate analysis paralysis

  • Organize your home

    & get a decluttered environment

  • Spread Cosiness Around

    so you can help your kids, SO to stay grounded and safe

  • Lead By Example

    Acknowledge your needs and help your loved ones to express themselves

  • Enjoy Me Time W/O Guillt

    Gently put yourself first

  • Show Your Creativity

    Declutter, Clean, Redecorate, Plunge into Upcycling

  • Embrace The Gift Of Time

    so you create lasting bonds & memories to share

It all starts HERE & NOW!

All you need is to connect the dots & know what to do first

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My A's To Your Burning Q's

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    This Content is for information purpose ONLY.
    Results may NOT be typical or under similar GUARANTEE.
    Always ask for a professional advice when needed.
    The Hygge Planner is NOT meant to diagnose, suggest, or give any medical advice.
    For more info, visit our terms & conditions
    There’s NO way to transfer, redeem, refund the early bird options/ bonuses to another product.

  • I don't have the money/ It's too expensive

    We’ve decided to price 30-Day Hygge© at the lowest price point possible so it’s affordable for everyone even if you have a tight budget or an emergency’s coming. (Assuming you’re about to live 80+ years) Does your health, well being, cosiness worth 0,03 cts per day so you (& your whole family) can enjoy a calm, peaceful, joyful, serene way of life?

  • I'm not sure if I'll have the time to go through all the materials...

    If you can give me 15 minutes per lesson, you’ll make progress quicker than you think. Most of the materials can be downloaded and used immediately. Follow your own pace and review the course as often as you need

  • It won't work for me... That seems too hard for me/ too good to be true

    Each step and each lesson is designed to be short and sweet. I hate fluff and I go to the point without second guessing. I ALWAYS deliver what I promise no matter what. If I tell you there is 2 bonuses, chances are you’ll find 3 bonuses in the paid member portal (never less).

  • I want to quit my therapy or my medication

    NEVER EVER quit a medication without the express agreement of your physician/ counselor/ therapist/ psychiatrist. You should ALWAYS ask for a professional help EVERY TIME you feel anxious, depressed, moody or any other state of mind that lasts. Your mental health should be your #1 priority. There’s NO shame to ask for help, take medication when needed, or seek for support. Using Hygge Made Simple© or reading this page is NOT meant to be a diagnosis NOR to establish any patient-physician relation.

  • When will I have access to the course?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • I want to resell &/or share 30-Day Hygge© with my friends...

    Let’s be clear, it’s a big NO-NO.

    30-Day Hygge© is for personal use only and you have NO right to resell, crop, modify, adapt, share or any other way or means to communicate the course (even for FREE).

    Truth is, if you care that much about your dear friends, you should tell them to join 30-Day Hygge© share with them

    I am (also) a lawyer specialised in criminal law and I’ll be suing every person who infringes my intellectual property/ copyright.

    To know more about your rights, visit our terms & conditions

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! If you’ve enrolled during our first launch and paid, you’ll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

    So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow.

    In all the other cases, please refer to the pricing table (it’ll mention the time you get access to the course). It’s your choice!

  • What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    If you’re unhappy with the course, AND you didn’t open ANY lesson from the course (meaning you ONLY open the intro & nothing else) just email me within 14 days to get a full refund. Thinkific has a reporting system to know which lessons you open and my team will use that built in system as a proof for the refund.

Refund Policy

You got our 14-day money back guarantee

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The 14-day “cooling off” period does not apply to all purchases.

Some of the exemptions are:
- plane and train tickets, as well as concert tickets, hotel bookings, car rental reservations and catering services for specific dates
- goods and drinks delivered to you by regular delivery for example delivery by a milkman.
- goods made to order or clearly personalised – such as a tailor-made suit sealed audio, video or computer software, such as DVDs, which you have unsealed upon receipt.
- online digital content, if you have already started downloading or streaming it
- goods bought from a private individual rather than a company

Due to the digital nature of our online courses, The Hygge Planner will provide a refund in the 14-day period after purchase (French Time) ONLY if you did not start to use any of our material

To avoid any litigation, we have chosen an online course platform that tracks automatically which lesson/ module/ step/course you’ve opened. In case of dispute, the terms and conditions will be applied.

You can ask for a refund by sending an email at clientcare@thehyggeplanner.comin which you provide all the details needed (like invoice number, clear date of purchase).

You do NOT need to provide a reason during those 14 days.

If you meet the EU requirements, we will proceed to the refund in a 48-hour frame (this time frame does NOT include the banking process and/or the time your bank service will take to manage the refund).

Help Yourself First!

Be the confident role model you deserve to be

If you're dreaming to:


🥰 have a quiet space where you can rest alone & you have no idea how to do it on a budget.


🥰 adjust your routine with ease so you can stick with it and bring calm to your schedule.


🥰 get a special nook where you can relax without stressing about meal planning or your next batch of laundry


🥰 bring more certainty, safety, and warmth to your whole family. confident enough to stick to your morning/ evening routines easily

30-Day Hygge is the bundle you need

You'll learn:
- The 2-hour DIY method for beginners who want a space at home to rest alone
- The cosy inspired & customizable method to begin a healthy routine when you face uncertain times